About Us

MilkmanDelivers.com is a network of 50 independently owned and operated home delivery milk routes serving the greater Twin Cities area.  We offer day fresh, hormone free milk that is picked up daily and delivered to your home.  Bottled in the morning and in your refrigerator within 24 hours - It can't get any fresher!


Home delivery of milk is convenient.  Your milkman will work with you to find a weekly delivery time that is convenient for you.  He will make sure that your family has the milk you want when you need it.  Your milkman owns his own business, so your satisfaction is very important to him.

In addition to day fresh milk, your milkman also carries a variety of refrigerated and frozen foods to make your meal planning easier.  From top quality frozen meats to restaurant quality frozen pies, your milkman can supply you with delicious and convenient products that your family will love.